Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bits and Pieces Review Contest

My new chapbook of horror poems, Bits and Pieces, was just released by Spec House of Poetry. It needs some reviews, and my wife is trying to get me to get rid of some of my books, so combining these two facts gives us the first ever “Bits and Pieces Review Contest.”

Here’s how it works. Buy (or borrow) a copy of Bits & Pieces (available from Spec House of Poetry and The Genre Mall). Read it. Write a review of it and post it at the Spec House of Poetry store. The first five people to write a review that follows the guidelines below will receive a free book, and the books will be given away first come, first served.

Review contest guidelines:

- The review must be at least 100 words long.
- It must be coherent.
- It must mention something you’d only know or see from reading the book (so I know you actually read it).
- You must email me the first sentence of your review the day before you post it, so I know it’s actually your review.
- The review can be good, bad, or neutral, but it must state your opinion of the book and why you felt that way. (That’s right -- if you hated the book, say so, and as long as you follow these guidelines and are one of the first five to post your review, you win!)
- There are five prizes, and they will be given away to the first five people to post reviews. The first person to post gets their choice of book, then the second person, and so on.

- paperback copy of Aegri Somnia, signed by both editors & all contributors
- hardcover copy of Horrors Beyond , signed by a few of the contributors, including Tony Campbell and William Jones
- paperback copy of the 1978 edition of Stephen King's The Shining
- paperback copy of 4 Fear of…, signed by all 4 authors
- Northwest Horrors chapbook, signed by both editors and about half of the contributors

When you have written your review, send an email with the subject "Review" to Be sure to include the first line of your review, your mailing address, and choice of book. All reviews must be posted by September 1, 2007. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

New books may be added to the prize list, so be sure to check back here for any updates.


Charles Gramlich said...

Hi Greg, I wanted to let you know I enjoyed your chapbook, "Bits and Pieces." I'm not officially entering your review contest, although it's a great idea, but I did post a touch about the chapbook on my blog.

Congratulations on some good work.


Greg Schwartz said...

Hi Charles,

Thanks for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed the poems. I've already ordered the Aurore Australe pamphlet -- looking forward to reading some of your poems.

Take care,

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