Sunday, July 22, 2007

Black Petals #40

Black Petals #40, the 10th anniversary issue, is on sale now. I'm happy to have two poems included in it, and any horror fan should definitely pick up a copy of this issue. As Black Petals readers have come to expect, it's got stories and poems from some of the genre's top names -- Kendall Evans, Barry J. House, Kristine Ong Muslim, Garry Charles, and Aurelio Rico Lopez III, to name a few.

This issue will also be the last issue edited by Kenneth James Crist, who has done an amazing job with the magazine over the years. It's unfortunate that he has to step down, but if it means he'll be putting out more fiction collections like The Gazing Ball, then I can't say it's a completely bad thing.

And if you like Black Petals, check out issue #2 of Yellow Mama...

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Dwarf Stars Award 2015