Saturday, August 25, 2007

Douglas E. Winter on horror

Click here to read an interesting essay by Douglas E. Winter on whether or not "horror" is a genre. I just found out about this essay while reviewing New Genre #4, in which editor Adam Golaski refutes Winter's ideas. Whether or not you agree with his views, the essay is well-written and informative.

Also, there is less than a week left for the Bits and Pieces review contest, so get those reviews posted. I've added another book to the prize list -- a signed hardcover copy of Gary A. Braunbeck's Stoker Award-winning collection, Destinations Unknown. Read once, but otherwise new.


Charles Gramlich said...

A very fine article, I thought. I've always admired Winter's take on things. I think he's overly harsh in some ways, about the subgenre within subgenre, etc. Such experiments can sometimes produce new and powerful stories. I don't think the writer often knows exactly what will be cutting edge.

Greg Schwartz said...


I agree -- I don't think the subgenres are such a bad thing, except when writers try to merely "follow the formula" rather than come up with new ideas. And, it gives the reader more of a feel for what they may or may not like.

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