Sunday, December 23, 2007

Champagne Shivers 2008

The 2008 issue of Champagne Shivers is out, full of great fiction and poetry. The magazine is full-sized and perfect-bound, with an awesome cover and creepy illustrations. Here's a look at the line-up:

Sinister Stories
The Truth About Irises by Pete Mesling
Crash Test by Ken Goldman
Replacing Mr. Pendleton by Davin Ireland
The Killer Without Blood-Stained Hands by Frank Roger
Dreidel's Prize by Drew Arrants
Sinister Skies by Lee Clark Zumpe
Mr. Sobel and the Flowers of October by David Hopewell
Flashes of the Fantastic
Wanting Moore by Rebecca Nazar
The Tidal Dress by Matthew Lee Bain
Of Yesterday And Forever by William Blake Vogel III
On the Surface by David Buchan
The Road Through Hell by David Cairns
King and Queen of the Desert by Brian Beatty
The Wrong Son by Greg Schwartz

Poetic Potions
The Forsaken by Calvin Becker
The Accursed Castle by Richard H. Fay
Things in the Swamp by Richard H. Fay
Salty Grave by William Blake Vogel III
With Wings Raised by Jane Gwaltney
Grimm’s Tales by Brian Rosenberger
Pumpkin Glut by Richard Pitaniello
The Little Entomologist by Roxanne Hoffman
Without Stopping by Marsheila Rockwell
The Root of it All by Marcie Lynn Tentchoff
Deadbeat Dad by Greg Schwartz
Crude Epitaph by William Blake Vogel III
Halfway Home by G. O. Clark
At The Wake by G. O. Clark

Copies are available from The Genre Mall.


Charles Gramlich said...

Congrats on your piece here. I'll check it out. I finally sold a poem to Dreams and Nightmares.

Greg Schwartz said...


Congrats on the D&N sale! I just finally sold a poem there too -- been trying for years.

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