Sunday, February 10, 2008

Two Forums, One Market, and... that's it

Since Whispers of Wickedness will be closing down in the near future, all of its forum members (including me) will need to find a new place to share ideas*, communicate with others in the speculative genre*, and find new markets*.

* translation, "not do housework"

To that end, I would like to bring two other online forums to everyone's attention. The first one is rather new, but is also based in the UK and is hosted by a genre magazine. It is the Twisted Tongue forums, and while it doesn't have many members yet, it is still growing. One of the neat things about this forum is that it encourages poets to post poems for discussion or criticism.

The second forum I would like to mention is called Spatial Distortion, and it's hosted by the fine folks who bring you Aberrant Dreams. It's been around a little longer and has more participation, and (like Whispers) it provides a channel to give feedback on poems and stories published in the magazine, which is great for both the authors and the readers to compare and discuss.

Both forums are free (otherwise I wouldn't be mentioning them!) and neither one will be mad at you if you cheat on them and go to the other one too.

I'd also like to mention a new dark fiction and poetry magazine that's putting together its first issue -- The Ashen Eye. It's still taking submissions, and while it doesn't pay contributors (yet), it does offer a $10 prize to the best poem and story (and $5 for the best artwork) in each issue. The only way small magazines like this one can afford to pay contributors is by support from readers and writers, so think of a submission now as an investment in the future.


Charles Gramlich said...

Thanks for the links. I visit two writing forums, both linked on my blog page. SF REader forum and Unified Sci Fi forum. SF reader forum has a piece dedicated to poetry.

JP said...

any idea what's happened to the whispers of wickedness forum? it's been down a week now. this doesn't look good.

Greg Schwartz said...

dunno, but you're right JP, it doesn't look good. I know they were planning on keeping it up at least until next year, so hopefully this is just some technical problem that will be fixed soon.

Charles, thanks for the forums. I checked out SF Reader and got sidetracked for a while reading the conversation on haiku.

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