Friday, February 15, 2008

Two Poetry Contests

Okay, so neither of these contests are specifically for speculative poetry, but I'm sure you've got some "mainstream" stuff tucked away in a drawer somewhere, right? Might as well enter it in a contest and try to make some dough. Stamp prices are going up again, you know.

The first contest is actually two contests in one. The Key West Robert Frost Poetry Festival, which takes place in April in (you guessed it) Key West, Florida, is sponsoring a general poetry contest and a haiku contest. Both contests offer 1st through 3rd place cash prizes, plus 2 honorable mentions. The general poetry contest has a somewhat steep entry fee of $10/poem, and the haiku contest is a little more affordable at $10 for up to 3 haiku. Information for both contests (which have a postmark deadline of March 24th) can be found here.

The second contest isn't exactly open yet, but I gave you two contests already, so technically I didn't lie. Right? sponsors occasional poetry contests, usually for parodies or humorous poems. They offer cash prizes, cheap entry fees (if I remember correctly), and feedback from the judges on the top-placing poems. Their 11th contest closed recently, and they haven't announced the next one yet, but it should be starting any day now.

And, if in between entering these contests you find yourself with a free moment, hop on over to Spec House of Poetry and see whose chapbook is currently #1 on the best-seller list. (I'm sure it won't last long!)


Charles Gramlich said...

Congrats on place 1 at Spec House. Cool. And thanks for the info on the contests. I might have something for the humorous con, although mine are more silly than funny I think.

Greg Schwartz said...

silly is good. take a look at the prior winners... some of them are pretty silly.

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