Sunday, March 30, 2008

NVH Magazine

Here's a newer magazine that's somehow been flying under the radar. NVH Magazine is an online journal of horror fiction and poetry, edited by David "Doc" Byron. Take a peek around the website... there's plenty there to amuse yourself. Be sure to check out their submission guidelines and reader's forum, as well as an informative article by poetry editor Tony Bernstein about the use of humor in horror poetry, both historically and now.


Charles Gramlich said...

Another good link. I'm definitely going to make a personal link to this one and see how the magazine grows. Sounds good so far.

Greg Schwartz said...

Yeah, from what I've seen it sounds like a good magazine. They've got occasional contests, and I believe they're planning a paperback anthology this fall.

A Bernstein said...

The April issue of NVH Magazine is live; it is the second to last one I'll be poetry editor for. NVH's April issue features poems by Marge Simon (who just won a Stoker for "Vectors"), Alexis Child, Sandra Lindow, and Chris Ambrose who gave us a poem titled "Urban Legend: Mutants".

Also included in this issue: an essay I wrote on comic horror poetry that I call "Taking Pratfalls into the Abyss". In this essay you will find poetry and quotes from Greg Schwartz, as well as Stoker Award winner Michael Arnzen and others...

Here is the address:

Scroll past my article for the poems...


Tony Bernstein*

Greg Schwartz said...


Thanks for the rundown! It looks to be a great issue.

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