Sunday, June 22, 2008

Review: Feeding My Heart to the Wind

I've decided to start posting occasional reviews that relate either to haiku (or in this case, short poems) or horror. The first of these will be Michael Kriesel's Feeding My Heart to the Wind: Selected Short Poems 1999-2005, which I have to thank Don Wentworth at Lilliput Review for recommending.

Kriesel is a prolific poet who has been around the small-press scene for a while now. In Feeding My Heart to the Wind, 18 of his short poems are collected together into a professionally printed pocket-sized chapbook. ("Pocket-sized" is a plus for me and my over-crowded bookshelves.)

I've read a few of Kriesel's poems here and there over the years, but this is his first collection I've gotten my hands on. I was impressed by the quality of the poems. All are short (which fits perfectly with my attention span) with only one poem, "Unfinished," running longer than one page.

More than a few of the poems are written in sharp one- or two-word jab-lines, reminiscent of Ed Markowski's poetry, which pound their way into you like... well, like a nail:

"Heaven's Nail"

a nail

This poem, found on page 8, is immediately followed by my favorite of the book:


Crows tumble like shingles
torn off hell's roof

The imagery and power of these poems remains consistent from page to page, and Kriesel's masterful economy of his words is something that any haiku fan can appreciate.

I would strongly recommend this book to any reader of short poetry. The book is short enough to be read in one sitting, but will keep you turning back to it again and again.

Feeding My Heart to the Wind is available here from Sunnyoutside Press for $6.00 plus shipping.  The book was printed in a run of 100, so if you're gonna buy a copy, get it before it sells out.  It's available from Amazon as well, also for $6.00.


Charles Gramlich said...

"Heaven's Nail" is definitely a hard hitting short poem. I'll check this out. Great review.

Greg Schwartz said...

thanks Charles!

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