Saturday, July 26, 2008

bottle rockets & poetry contest

The new issue of bottle rockets (#19) is out now, packed with strong poems by some of the field's biggest names: George Swede, Johnny Baranski, Bruce Ross, Deborah P. Kolodji, Tyrone McDonald, David G. Lanoue, and Vincent Tripi, just to name a few. The issue also includes a great haiku sequence, "House of Mirrors," by master poet Ed Markowski.

And in poetry contest news, Cyclamens and Swords Press is sponsoring their first ever poetry contest. The contest is open to any style poems, 30 lines or fewer, and accepts both postal and electronic submissions. Entry fee is $5/poem, $10 for 3 poems, or $15 for 6 poems. The contest deadline is November 30th, 2008.


Charles Gramlich said...

I've learned about so many mags and markets over here. I appreciate that. You've definitely got your finger on the pulse of poetry better than I do. I'm probably gonna try that contest.

Greg Schwartz said...


You've probably got a lot more going on than I do. I fix copiers... you teach. There's not much grading papers or coming up with lesson plans for me.

Anyway, hope you enter the contest! You've got plenty of time before it closes.

Just got "Mouth of a Lover" yesterday -- very nicely printed! I'm gonna read it as soon as I finish the current issue of Mayfly.

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