Monday, July 21, 2008

New vampire haiku chapbook

Charles Gramlich's long-awaited chapbook, Wanting the Mouth of a Lover, is now available in deluxe and regular editions from Spec House of Poetry. The book is a collection of vampire haiku, written in the vertical Japanese style.

The deluxe edition is signed and numbered, and both editions are $5.00, so get your copy before it sells out.


J. Bruce Fuller said...

Yes, do. Thanks for the plug.

Thanks also for the heads up on paper wasp, I'm sending some stuff to them now...

Has your poem appeared in NYQ yet?


J. Bruce Fuller said...

Scratch that paper wasp thing, that was from Charles... I got the heads up on the Issa translations from your blog, and I bought a copy, can't wait to read it. --J

Greg Schwartz said...


"Dusk Lingers" is great, you'll like it. Just checked the NYQ page, looks like my poem is slated for the next issue. I'll let you know when I hear it's being published.

Charles Gramlich said...

Yes, thanks Greg. I appreciate it. Did I tell you I read "Night Falls" from Bits and Pieces for our panel. It got a big laugh. I think folks really liked the humor in it.

Greg Schwartz said...

I'm glad people liked the poem. Thanks for sharing it!

I just ordered my copy of "Wanting the Mouth of a Lover" -- can't wait to read it.

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