Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Two contests

It's time for the annual Apex Halloween Short Fiction Contest. Submissions are open for unpublished stories on the theme of "Election Horror." I'm sure we could all write a book about that, but contest submissions must be 1,000 words or less. First prize is payment of 10 cents/word, second prize is publication at 5 cents/word, and third and fourth place winners each get a free Apex book. As usual, no entry fee, and the deadline is October 15th.

And for even shorter stories, we have the On the Premises Mini-Contest #6. These contests run regularly, and this one looks pretty interesting. The details aren't up on the website yet, but here's all the info you need:


Here's one I hope you'll enjoy.


Write a complete story between 25 and 75 words long that is
one hundred percent dialogue. No narration, no he said/she
said...just the contents of what he/she said.

One entry per author. Size: 25 to 75 words long.
Hyphenated words count as separate words: "jack-o-lantern"
counts as three words.

Deadline: 11:59 PM Eastern time, Sunday, August 31, 2008

Prizes: $15 for 1st, $10 for 2nd, $5 for 3rd, publication but
no money for honorable mentions.

Send entries to Entries@OnThePremises.com and put MINI-CONTEST
in the subject heading, please. As with our regular contests,
put your contact information in the body of your e-mail and
attach your mini-contest entry as a .doc, .rtf, or .txt file.
(No .wps files! We can't read them.)

Not a bad prize for such a short story. Now get writing!


Charles Gramlich said...

Both of these sound very interesting. And good pay. 10 cents a word is wow. I may have time to enter that second one. Getting ready for school is probably going to keep me out of the first.

Thanks for the links.

Greg Schwartz said...

good luck Charles! I'm gonna try to enter both if I can find the time.

Catherine J Gardner said...

I've already entered the Apex competition - which I love the theme for - but I'm also liking the sound of those mini-contests. I like a challenge and telling a story in less than 75 words - I'm thanking God there's no need for narration. :)

Greg Schwartz said...

Yeah, it's a neat little contest. I like the idea of no dialogue tags, too! Good luck with both!

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