Friday, October 3, 2008

Two contests

Now that the deadline for the Basho Haiku Challenge has passed, here are two more contests to consider entering. Both have entry fees, which tends to discourage a lot of writers, but both also have rather large prizes. (Both are also listed on the sidebar with the other contests.)

- Writer's Digest Poetry Awards Competition: The Writer's Digest contests are always big, and this one's no exception. The top three prizes are $500/$250/$100, 4th through 10th place each receive $25, 11th through 25th place get a $50 gift certificate good toward Writer's Digest Books, and all winners will be given a copy of the 2009 Poet's Market. All forms of poetry are welcome, and haiku is even mentioned by name (which is pretty rare for a mainstream poetry competition). Deadline is December 19th. Entry fees are $10 for the first poem, $5 for each additional poem.

- The Sow's Ear Poetry Review Poetry Competition: Unlike the WD competition, this contest only has one prize -- $1,000. Not bad for one poem. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, and the high entry fee of $20 covers up to five poems AND a subscription to The Sow's Ear Poetry Review. Deadline is November 1st.


Charles Gramlich said...

I've entered the WRiter's Digest contest a couple of times in the past with short stories. I got something like 36th one time, other than that not much luck. I've never tried the poetry side, though

Greg Schwartz said...

36th is pretty cool, I'm sure there's thousands of entries. I've always meant to enter a WD contest, but somehow I just never get around to it. Hopefully this year....

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