Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bits and Pieces review, a raffle, a contest

Niteblade editor Rhonda Parrish recently posted a great review of my horror poetry chapbook, Bits and Pieces. Check it out and then buy a copy. They make great gifts.

Speaking of Niteblade, they've just hired poet and artist RH Fay for the unique position of "art blogger." Take a look at his first post, featuring the whimsically nightmarish Ciaran Collins.

Apex Publications has been holding a raffle, and they've extended it until December 15th. Lots of cool prizes, and 10% of all proceeds will go to Dolly's Imagination Library.

And last but not least we have the Smink Works Books Short Story Competition, which features three top prizes of $100/$60/$40 for an unpublished story up to 1000 words. Entry fee is $10, and the contest theme this year is "Laughter." All winners will be published in a contest anthology and receive a free copy. Get to work -- the deadline is December 1st.


Charles Gramlich said...

Great review of Bits and pieces. Really wonderful words. Congrats! I'm off to check out the art blog.

RHFay said...

Congrats on the great review. Way to go!

Thanks for plugging the Niteblade art blog. By the way, I'm still looking for art submissions for future installments, so if you know of any aspiring fantasy and horror artists looking for exposure, send them my way!


Greg Schwartz said...

Charles -- thanks, Rhonda's a great reviewer. And the art blog looks like it will be a neat column.

R.H. -- thanks and congrats on the position! if i come across any artists i'll let you know.

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