Friday, December 19, 2008

flash fiction markets

Short-short stories often get overlooked. Here are some open and soon-to-open flash fiction markets:

- Flash Me Magazine - Open through Dec 31st. Pays $5-20 per story.
- Vestal Review - Closed until Feb 1st. Pays 3-10 cents per word.
- flashquake - Open, but won't read subs until Jan 5th. Pays $5-25 per story.
- Flash Fiction Online - Open. Pays $50 per story.
- Every Day Fiction - Open. Pays $3 per story.
- Drabblecast - Open. Pays 1.5 cents per word (no payment for stories under 500 words).
- Residential Aliens - Open through Dec 31st. Pays $1 per story.

And don't forget the Sam's Dot 13th Drabble Contest and Special Drabble Contest, both of which close on December 31st and are free to enter. All stories chosen for publication in either contest will receive $1 and a contributor copy.

To close, here's a haunting little tale by Charles Richard Laing.


Flashes In The Dark said...

Flashes In The Dark is a new market for horror flash fiction under 1k words.

bradlln said... accepts submissions of anything under 1K word count--poetry, prose, fiction, nonfiction, horror, sci-fi, literary, etc. The site is still under construction, but it looks great.

Greg Schwartz said...

Thanks guys! I'll mention both in another post about flash markets. In the meantime, here are links to both websites for those interested:

Flashes in the Dark

Eclectic Flash

Dwarf Stars Award 2015

Dwarf Stars Award 2015