Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holidays deals for the horror fan

So I hear there are some holidays coming up. If you're like me you haven't bought your presents yet. Here are some ideas for gifts for horror fans.

Horror Mall has a bunch of sale items that any true fan should take advantage of:

Halloween and Other Seasons by Al Sarrantonio - This limited edition of the book (hardcover) is on sale for only $20... half off the retail price.

Not In Kansas by Janet Fox - Only $5.99 (also 50% off).

The Desert by Charlee Jacobs - $5.99 for this collection of 53 dark poems from one of the best horror poets out there.

Among their other discounted deals are a paperback horror anthology ($8.95), a comprehensive Stephen King bibliography ($9.99), and a signed hardcover copy of Douglas Clegg's Wild Things (only $9.99).

Horror Mall also has gift certificates available, if you don't know what to buy.

I must admit I'm a Horror Mall affiliate, so if you buy anything through a link on my blog, I'll receive a small commission, which I will then use to feed my eight starving children. They would love to not have to eat the dog this Christmas... seems they've grown attached to him. You too can join the dark affiliate legions -- just click here.


Charles Gramlich said...

Oooh, I definitely want that Charlee Jacob work. I'm a huge fan.

Greg Schwartz said...

yeah, she's a great poet. i bought "heresey" recently but haven't read it yet.

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