Saturday, January 31, 2009

a flash fiction market and an anthology

Flash Scribe is a micro-fiction site looking for short stories 1-1000 words long. Payment is only $1 or $2 (depending on the length of the story -- shorter stories are paid $2) but it looks like a pretty cool site. Simultaneous submissions are okay, and they prefer unpublished stories but will look at reprints.

Read Raw Press is looking for stories for their horror anthology Raw Terror. Editor Ian Hunter wants "scary, horrible, terrifying stories," which makes it sound like a pretty damn cool anthology to me. Payment for accepted stories is £10 plus a contributor's copy. No reprints, but simsubs are okay. Deadline is February 28th, and they aim to respond by the end of March.

If you're looking for a good read, check out the new issue of Black Ink Horror. Other than yours truly, BIH #5 includes stories and poems by Lawrence Dagstine, Kristine Ong Muslim, and Aurelio Rico Lopez III. They're only selling 110 copies, so order soon.

Also available for purchase online is the 2008 Red Moon Anthology, white lies. Collected in this book are 132 of the best haiku published in 2008 (and one of mine). You really can't go wrong with a Red Moon Anthology.

Keep an eye out... Ballista, the dark/macabre magazine spewed upon the world from the U.K., should be reopening to subs at the end of February.


Charles Gramlich said...

Good market reports and news as always. I'm going to check out the flash fiction site for sure.

Red Moon press puts out a good product. I have some of their books.

MigThor said...

Thanks for your market reports. You are one of my favorite information sites. Congratulations also for your successes.

Greg Schwartz said...

Charles - I ordered a copy of "white lies"... that will be the first Red Moon book I've bought. But I've always heard good things about them.

MigThor - Thanks, and hope the information helps!

FlashScribe said...

Tanks for mentioning us in your blog :) We are very grateful.

The FS team

Greg Schwartz said...

Glad to! It's a great site.

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