Thursday, January 1, 2009

Preditors & Editors, a haiku anthology

Voting is open for the Preditors & Editors Readers' Poll, for work published in 2008. For anyone who hasn't voted in it before, the rules are simple: everyone gets one vote in each category, and if you think something should be nominated that isn't (including your own work), you can nominate it yourself. Let your voice be heard, and support those authors, poets, and publications that you feel deserve recognition. Voting closes on January 14th.

Bottle Rockets Press is now reading submissions for an anthology of flower-themed haiku. There is no payment, and submissions are open through August 1st. Submit up to 20 haiku (5 to a page) by snail mail. Previously published poems OK.

In other news, the deadline for the Special Sam's Dot Drabble Contest has been extended one month to January 31st, and Dark Discoveries plans to reopen to subs sometime in the spring.


pottygok said...

Greg wrote "Let your voice be heard, and support those authors, poets, and publications that you feel deserve recognition."

My poem, "The White Doe of Nara," is nominated and could really use some votes! Thanks!

Charles Gramlich said...

I've got to swing by the voting and have a look.

ed markowski said...


read your comment
at issa's hut.

am pleased to count you
as a fan.

at this time i have no
plan to put any kind of
collection together.

i send haiku to bottlerockets,
haibun to simply haiku & i
write short fiction regularly
for an ezine called smokebox.

otherwise, i don't submit.

in my 35 year career of
story & poem,
i've always preferred live

once the kids (then grandkids)
arrived, the printed page
became the alternative.

again, thanks for
diggin' it. what's out
there is free.

ed markowski

winter wind
the holes in my life
begin to yodel

Greg Schwartz said...

i hadn't read "The White Doe of Nara" before... i've got a short attention span and usually get lost in poems longer than a couple of stanzas, but this one really grabs you. it flows really well.

Greg Schwartz said...

Charles - there's a lot of good stuff listed there already, and you can always nominate more.

Greg Schwartz said...

Ed, it's a nice treat seeing your poems in bottle rockets, over on Bill's blog, and in f/k/a. if you ever decide to put out a book, be sure and let me know!

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