Monday, January 12, 2009

Review: Wanting the Mouth of a Lover by Charles Gramlich

Wanting the Mouth of a Lover is a chapbook of 23 dark haiku by Charles Gramlich, a name well-known by the many fans of his Talera novels. The poems in this collection tend toward the vampirific (if that's a word), but there are some other just plain creepy ones, like this little gem:


Gramlich seems quite at ease writing haiku. Each poem is given its own page, which might anger tree-huggers, but I happen to think it's the best way to present haiku. They are also written in the vertical Japanese style, which you don't see very much of these days. I can only think of one other poet who uses that style consistently.

The chapbook was originally available in a regular and deluxe edition, but the deluxe edition (which came signed, hand-numbered, and hand-stitched) sold out within a week. The regular edition is still available, and it contains an introduction by the author that touches on both the poems in the book and the haiku form itself.


Gramlich is a skilled speculative poet. His poems have appeared in Dreams & Nightmares and The Shantytown Anomaly, among other magazines, but Wanting the Mouth of a Lover is his first collection of poetry. Hopefully there will be more.

Copies are available from Spec House of Poetry for $5 plus shipping.


Charles Gramlich said...

Thanks, Greg. I'm glad you enjoyed the collection.

Greg Schwartz said...

it's a great group of dark haiku. any more coming out soon?

David Cranmer said...

Greg, Very nice review of Charles's haiku. I'm sorry I missed out on the deluxe edition. Charles, any chance there may be a reprinting of the deluxe?

Greg Schwartz said...

Thanks David! Not sure about another print run, but I'm considering buying a copy of the regular edition for the bonus introduction.

Pamala Knight said...

Thanks for the recommendation. All of the examples you used were lovely.

Greg Schwartz said...

Thanks Pamala! They're both representative of the quality of work.

J. Bruce Fuller said...

No more runs of the deluxe edition, but we'll hopefully have more from Charles in the future.

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