Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rhysling nominations

For all of you SFPA members, the deadline's drawing closer to nominate poems for the 2009 Rhysling Award.

Nominations must be in (or at least postmarked) by February 2nd, and you can nominate one short poem (1-49 lines) and one long poem (50+ lines). If anyone hasn't chosen their nominations yet and are looking for more poems to choose from, here is a list of all my Rhysling-eligible poems from 2008, with links to the ones that appear online. All are under 49 lines. I encourage everyone to post a similar list in the comments, so we can all browse through them.

- "deadbeat dad" (Champagne Shivers, 2008)
- "angelfish" (Visionary Tongue, #23, Jan 2008)
- "monster" (From the Asylum, Feb 2008)
- "Undying Love" (Tales from the Moonlit Path, Issue 9, Feb 2008)
- "Matrimony" (Conceit Magazine, Volume 1 Number 11, Feb 2008)
- "Oil Change" (Niteblade, #3, March 2008) (also in Lost Innocence anthology)
- "Bats" (The Ashen Eye website, March 2008)
- "The Night Creatures" (Talebones, #36, Spring 2008)
- "Ode to Something Wicked" (Space & Time, #103, Spring 2008)
- "footprints in the snow" (Illumen, Spring 2008)
- horrorku (Star*Line, 31.2, March/April 2008)
- "The Eater" (The Ashen Eye, #1, June 2008)
- 4 horrorku (Twisted Tongue, #10, June 2008)
- 3 horrorku (Dreams & Nightmares, #80, July 2008)
- horrorku (Scifaikuest, Volume 6 Number 1, August 2008)
- horrorku (Scifaikuest online, Volume 6 Number 1, August 2008)
- horrorku (The Shantytown Anomaly, #7, Oct 2008)
- "Moon Shine," "The Dark" (Black Petals, #45, Oct 2008)
- scifaiku (Abyss & Apex, Issue 28, Oct 2008)
- 2 fantasy haiku (Mirror Dance, Winter 2008)
- "Out by the Shed" (Niteblade, #6, Dec 2008)


Charles Gramlich said...

I've read all the Shantytown ones. Some very fine stuff there.

Greg Schwartz said...

Thanks Charles! J always seems to put together a great issue.

pottygok said...

Geez, Greg, you've been busy this year! ;-) And by the looks of things, if you're not nominated for a Rhysling, you certainly will get a DwarfStar nod! Nicely done!

Greg Schwartz said...

Thanks Josh! Do you have any poems you want to post links to?

Greg Schwartz said...

For anyone looking for more of a selection of poems to nominate, here is a list of eligible poems by J.E. Stanley:

Rhonda Parrish said...

Hi Greg,

I'm sorry some of your poems at Niteblade aren't accessible at the moment. If you would like to send copies of the .pdfs for people to read you can totally do it without guilt -- I don't mind at all.

In case that helps :)

Greg Schwartz said...

Rhonda - thanks, I appreciate it, but you don't have to do that. It's no big deal... hope getting the site back up's not giving you too much of a headache.

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