Friday, January 23, 2009

Spinetinglers and Apex want your stories

Spinetinglers is an online magazine looking for "mystery, thriller, suspense, supernatural, ghost story, love, fantasy or science fiction" stories. They pay $25 for fiction between 1500-6000 words. No simultaneous submissions, and query for reprints (as long as they have not been published anywhere that pays). Email subs only.

Apex Magazine is open to subs through March 15th for a special issue guest-edited by Michael A. Burstein. Mr. Burstein is "looking for stories that evoke the same themes that tie his own stories together, such as the slipperiness of history and the dangers of forgetting the past." For this special issue, poetry will also be considered. Pays 5 cents a word for fiction and $5 per poem.


Charles Gramlich said...

My trouble is I need to write some more stories. I'm about out.

Greg Schwartz said...

You need to get cracking, man! I'm still waiting to read a book of Warkind haiku.

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Dwarf Stars Award 2015