Thursday, April 2, 2009

busy busy busy

Sorry everyone, it's been very busy in Schwartzville lately. I'll try to post more soon.

Here are two books I've gotten recently, both of which are amazing and I'll devote more time and space to them in a future post:

- Basho Haiku Challenge Chapbook: This little anthology, published by Modern Proposal Chapbooks, contains the best haiku from Don Wentworth's first annual Basho Haiku Challenge, including the winning poem by Roberta Beary. There are some great haiku in this book, and it's only $3.

- Anomalous Appetites: John Irvine started this project last year, and it's just given birth in the form of a mammoth collection of speculative poetry and art. The book is just under 200 pages, and you'll find dark and bizarre poems by names you recognize, like Aurelio Rico Lopez III (whose cinquain, "Alone," is my favorite so far), Kristin Ong Muslim, Marge Simon, Kurt Newton, and Ken Goldman. The illustrations complement the poems perfectly. The book has a somewhat-hefty price tag, but it's a huge book and it's worth it.

Just a couple other things to note:

Fans of Lunch Hour Stories probably already know this, but the magazine has recently folded. Another casualty in this unending war.

American Tanka is currently reading for issue #19, and will remain open to submissions through August.

I recently finished reading Empire by David Dunwoody, and posted my review of it here. I would recommend it, and if you're gonna read it, read it soon, because the author's already working on the sequel.


Charles Gramlich said...

Hope things slow down a bit for you soon. It does seem like a busy time. Spring maybe.

Greg Schwartz said...

thanks Charles. yeah, i guess with the weather getting nice things are kicking back into high gear again.

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