Thursday, April 30, 2009

call for haiku submissions

This is copied from an email by Jim Kacian:

Dimitar Anakiev is editing an international anthology of haiku dedicated to the topic of WAR. The editor invites all poets to submit their haiku written on the topic (particular interest: Vietnam, 9/11, Iraq . . . ). The poems may be previously published, no limitation in number of poems and style.

We are not interested in senryu. Japanese haiku is not free of human content but in fact links human with nature—in other words, it expresses the human in terms of nature. So "war" is human and nature is anything you want. Take for example famous haiku by Basho:

summer grass -
all that remains of
       warrior's dreams

This poem has a natural topic (summer grass, a kigo) but its theme is human: "warrior dream" ( our theme: war!). We seek such haiku for the anthology and not senryu, which is another kind of poetry. Often Western poets confuse TOPIC with THEME. THEME in haiku is always human, and our choice is to do an anthology on human themes: WAR, DISCRIMINATION AND HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLENCE. (Like Basho above). So, please, do not send senryu. Thank you,

best wishes, Dimitar Anakiev

The poems should be sent by e-mail ASAP ( deadline: May 15) to

There is no mention of payment or contributor copies, but it sounds like a good anthology to be a part of.


Charles Gramlich said...

I'll check it out. Thanks for the info. I don't have any war haiku at the moment but maybe I could write some.

Greg Schwartz said...

you could send them some war"-kind" haiku....

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