Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Black Ink Horror & some more stuff to read

I just got a copy of Black Ink Horror #5 in the mail from the awesome team of Tom and Billie Moran. I gotta say, it's an amazing issue. "Twas the Night" by MontiLee Stormer is a great story, a twisted take on Christmas way different than anything I've ever seen before. "A Hand-Made Christmas" is another good story, by David E. Greske. There are plenty more stories and poems, including two short poems, "Mimic" and "Reap," by Kristine Ong Muslim. It's 158 pages of horror, nicely bound and printed, for only $10.75 (in the U.S.). If you've never read Black Ink Horror, this is a great issue to start with.

The new issue of NewMyths.com is now online, featuring a poem each by Josh Gage and Marge Simon.

If you're more in the mood for senryu, check out these two poems about veterans by bear creek haiku editor Ayaz Daryl Nielson.

And if you've heard of the massive spec poetry anthology Anomalous Appetites but haven't bought your copy yet, here's a review from New Zealand that can hopefully change your mind. (I think the price has gone down recently, but I could be wrong.)


Charles Gramlich said...

Marge Simon is such an excellent poet. Loved "Bats" by the way. I just finished reading the Rhysling volume yesterday.

Greg Schwartz said...

thanks Charles! haven't gotten mine yet, but should be here soon I would think.

yeah, Marge never fails to amaze. and she's a great artist, too. it's a good combination.

MontiLee Stormer said...

Glad you liked the story. Black Ink Horror has been "berry berry good to me".

Greg Schwartz said...

MontiLee - this is my first story I've had published in Black Ink Horror, but it's been a good experience and everyone is very professional.

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