Saturday, June 6, 2009

random stuff

The new issue of Scifaikuest is now online, featuring great poetry (as well as a horrorku and senryu by yours truly). Also now online is the current Shamrock Haiku Journal, issue #10. Check out J.D. Heskin's dark lawn-mowing haiku (toward the bottom).

If anyone is thinking of buying this year's Writer's Market, Poet's Market, or Novel & Short Story Writer's Market, now is the perfect time to snatch them up at half price. Not sure how long this sale will last, but if you plan on getting a couple books, keep in mind that you get free shipping on orders over $25.

Lastly, we have a new contest: InkSpotter's 6th Annual Finding the Right Words Flash Fiction Contest. Has two prizes of CA$60 and CA$30 for stories under 500 words. Entry fee is only CA$2, and the postmark deadline is July 21st.


Charles Gramlich said...

It's been several years since I've bought Writer's market or those other kind of marketing books. I rely more on the HWA newsletter and few other similar pubs now.

Gonna check out that contest though.

Greg Schwartz said...

yeah, i haven't bought one in a while, either. still have my 2003 edition, i think.

just saw your HWA column reprinted in Star*Line... nice!

MkCrittenden said...

Greg, i was looking for a way to contact you forever, just realized there was a link from micro 100 to your blog. I wanted to share the good news...I just landed the cover art for Champagne Shivers 2010 issue!!! So we will both have stories in there with my cover art. I wanted to let you know that if you check my blog site, i have other art posted there so you can see what sort of stuff i do. I'm pretty excited about it. Cathy wants me to keep the image under wraps until she unveils it officially.

Greg Schwartz said...

Hey Mark -

That's awesome news! Congrats! so you've got a story, interior illustration, AND the cover? geez, Cathy's gonna have to change the name of the magazine to Crittenden Shivers.

looking forward to seeing that cover....

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