Tuesday, August 18, 2009

random stuff and eBay

If you find yourself with some free time (and really, in this age of prosperity, who doesn't have that?) hop on over to Zombie Fiction. The site will fill all your zombie needs. You can find reviews of zombie fiction, zombie-related news, and plenty of other cool stuff, like the original Night of the Living Dead movie.

I've been looking around eBay for good bargains, and there are a lot of books selling for not a lot of money. If you've been wanting to pick up a copy of Essential Haiku, edited by Robert Hass, you can snag a used copy in good condition for just $3.14 plus $3.99 shipping. (Auction ends Sept 7th.)

And if you've never read Jack Ketchum's gory but masterfully-written novel Off Season, you can find a few cheap copies of that as well. This brand new copy hasn't even been bid on yet, so it's currently at $3 (only a dollar for shipping). There's also this copy, in very good condition, which you can buy now for $4 (free shipping). Or you can get a copy of the first paperback edition (in very good condition) which is currently at $2.99 ($3 shipping). The auction for that one ends in six hours, though (August 19th) so you better hurry. I believe -- but I could be mistaken -- that the first edition version has a different ending.

For a little speculative haiku humor, check out Aurelio Rico Lopez III's poem up now at Every Day Poets. Rank it and leave a comment if you like.


Charles Gramlich said...

Oh yes, Off season is a great book.

Greg Schwartz said...

sure is! that was my first Ketchum book, and it got me hooked.

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