Monday, September 21, 2009

Some non-paying flash fiction markets

Yeah, yeah, I know... we all want to get paid for our writing. But sometimes you see a magazine that you think would be cool to write for, or sometimes you just recognize it as a good chance for exposure. Either way, here are a few non-paying markets for flash fiction:

- Eclectic Flash: Wants submissions of just about anything, "regardless of style or genre," under 1000 words. Prefers unpublished submissions but will consider reprints. Only accepts submissions by email.

- Flashes in the Dark: Wants horror fiction under 1000 words. Is nonpaying now, but hopes to be able to pay in the future. Accepts simultaneous submissions and reprints.

- MicroHorror: Aims to be "the Web's premier free repository for horror microfiction." Accepts simultaneous submissions and reprints under 666 words. Will provide a bio and link to contributors' sites.

- Twisted Dreams Magazine: Wants horror and dark fiction under 1500 words. Pays one PDF copy. Currently closed to submissions, but reopens October 2nd.

For those looking for paying markets, has just raised their pay rates. They now pay $15-40 for fiction, $15 for poetry, and $40 for nonfiction and artwork. On acceptance.


Charles Gramlich said...

There's so much flash being written that sometimes you're lucky to give it away.

Greg Schwartz said...

yeah, it can definitely be competitive with flash. a lot of it's not the best, though -- people think just because flash fiction is short, it's easy to write.

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