Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dark Discoveries and other open markets

Dark Discoveries is a great market for horror writers, but it has been closed to submissions for a while. However, anyone who subscribes to editor James Beach's newsletter already knows that the magazine has reopened to subs. It is also now a higher-paying market. Here are the full details from the newsletter (the new guidelines aren't available on the website yet):

DARK DISCOVERIES MAGAZINE RE-OPENING FOR SUBMISSIONS (HIGHER PAY RATES): I'm opening the doors once again for submissions. There are all-new guidelines with a higher pay rate ($.03 to $.05 a word with a minimum of $25 and a maximum of $150 with a 500 to 5000 word range). I'm also no longer accepting simultaneous submissions and will be a bit tougher on proper formatting.

I'm still looking to bump the rates up to $.05 a word starting 2010 if we can make our subscription drive goal of 75 one-year subscriptions. We're almost half way there so please consider subscribing or renewing if you are able to.

In nonpaying market news, Fissure and Twisted Dreams are both currently open to fiction submissions. Twisted Dreams just reopened last week, and Fissure closes to subs November 1st.

Mayfly (which pays $10/haiku) is also currently open to submissions, and if you want a chance for your poem to appear in the winter issue, be sure to submit by December 15th.

My friend and fellow writer Brent Borge saw Zombieland last weekend when it opened -- check out his review.


Jason's Psyche said...

The guidelines are now updated on the Dark Discoveries website:

Greg Schwartz said...

Thanks Jason! I'll update that link.

Charles Gramlich said...

I've got to send some stuff to Mayfly.

Greg Schwartz said...

hey Charles--

Mayfly is a great magazine. Right now it's near the top of my list of magazines to subscribe to.

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