Friday, October 23, 2009

some markets & stuff to read

Ghostlight, the journal of the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers, opens for its next reading period on December 1st. This is a good market for writers of horror or dark fiction -- response time is only one month, and they accept reprints. Payment rates are $5/story or $4/poem. There is also an Editor's Choice award given for each issue, which comes with $10 and a year's membership to the GLAHW. Stories should be 500-6000 words.

Emerald Tales is a fiction and poetry journal out of Florida. The editors will accept both snail mail and email submissions, and they pay $40/story or $20/poem. Each issue has a theme; the "Winter Solstice" issue has a deadline of November 1st, and the "Carnivale" issue is open until January 1st.

For Horror Writers Association members, writer and publisher J. Bruce Fuller had a well-written and intriguing article in the September issue of the HWA newsletter (available in the newsletter archives) on "Imagination and Persona in Horror Poetry." I had the unfortunate luck to follow him with my article in the October newsletter, "Trick or Treat: Haiku and Its Place in Dark Poetry." (Marge Simon came up with the title -- thanks Marge!)

Here are a couple of good haiku, courtesy of tinywords (which is hopefully making a comeback) -- one by Ed Markwoski and one by Helga Härle.


Charles Gramlich said...

I had a piece in HWA not long ago to. I've got to go look up your's and J's pieces. I should have read them when I got the newsletter.

RHFay said...

Ooo...I'll have to keep Ghostlight in mind come December. Thanks for the heads-up!

Greg Schwartz said...

Charles - I remember reading yours, "Last Breath Poetry," right? I saw it just recently again, reprinted in Star*Line. Great article.

RH - No problem, it looks like a great market. I'll post the link again closer to December.

pottygok said...

For those of us who don't get the HWA newsletter, can you reprint your column on this blog?

Greg Schwartz said...

Josh - good idea, thanks! coming right up.

J. Bruce Fuller said...

Glad you liked the column, and thanks for posting yours (I am not privy to the archives either so they had to mail me a copy of mine!)

Greg Schwartz said...

J - yeah, it was a good column. I'd like to renew my HWA membership but just don't have the money this year.

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