Tuesday, November 3, 2009

28 Blackbirds, an Ezra Pound anthology contest

J. Bruce Fuller's haiku series, "28 Blackbirds at the End of the World," appeared in Scifaikuest last year and was subsequently nominated for a Rhysling Award. Now, Bandersnatch Books has decided to make it into a chapbook -- and rightly so -- which should be available sometime in November. Any fans of haiku or speculative poetry should check it out.

Bandersnatch Books is also currently seeking submissions for a new anthology, themed around variations on Ezra Pound's famous haiku-like poem, "In the Station of the Metro." They are looking for "something 100% original that touches the spirit of the original poem, albeit in a haunted/ghostly context." This sounds like a pretty cool anthology to be a part of. Payment is 25 cents per line plus a contributor's copy, and submissions will remain open until the anthology is filled (which might not take very long).

For those looking for places to submit haiku, here are links to submission guidelines for some online haiku journals (all non-paying):

- Chrysanthemum
- The Heron's Nest
- Notes from the Gean
- Simply Haiku
- Roadrunner Haiku Journal
- Shamrock Haiku Journal
- Sketchbook
- Riverbed Haiku


J. Bruce Fuller said...

Thanks for the shout! --J

Greg Schwartz said...

No problem, "28 Blackbirds" was a cool sequence. I thought when I first read it that it should be its own book.

rich said...

And thanks for posting the guidelines for my Pound chapbook. Not just haiku related work could find a home here, but shortish image based stuff too. I used to write a lot of haiku myself (with a few bylines in Modern Haiku and American Haibun and Haiga). When I say "lyric moment," that's kind of an extrapolation of "haiku moment" into a less restrictive prosody.


Greg Schwartz said...

Rich - Thanks for the clarification. This will definitely be a cool book to read. I like the idea of the lyric moment.

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