Saturday, December 26, 2009

end of the year

I hope everyone had a good holiday and is ready to ring in the new year in style. This year has been an interesting one, but it's almost over. I'm going to take down the "Holiday Deals" section shortly, but in the meantime, Barnes & Noble is having an After Holiday Sale (50% off on a bunch of stuff) and HP is having their annual Red Tag Sale. If you need a new computer, now is the time to get one. And at Amazon, Baseball Haiku has dropped even lower -- the hardcover book is only $4.20 now.

Even though Necrology is a dead magazine, editor John Ferguson is trying to keep its spirit alive with Necrology Shorts, an online short fiction venue. Necrology Shorts is open to submissions -- there is currently no payment for contributors, but Mr. Ferguson hopes to change that soon.

For mystery writers, Gumshoe is now accepting fiction submissions. The magazine pays five cents per word for unpublished short stories (to a maximum of $50).

I recently was honored to find out that one of my haiku (which appeared in Mayfly earlier this year) was selected for inclusion in the 2010 Red Moon Press anthology. As soon as the anthology is available for sale, I'll post a link here.

Speaking of haiku, Acorn will be opening to submissions in just a few days. And for some good haiku in the meantime, here are two: one by Alison from her Miso Soup blog and one by Jordi Clement from tinywords a year and a half ago.


Charles Gramlich said...

Very cool about Red Moon Press. Congrats!

Greg Schwartz said...

thanks Charles!

Deborah P Kolodji said...

Congrats on the Red Moon antho! I'll be in that TOC with you.

Greg Schwartz said...

congrats to you too, Deborah! looking forward to seeing your haiku in there.

MkCrittenden said...

Greg, I can't wait to get that Red Moon anthology. Please do post that link when it comes up. Also...I am still waiting for a story from one of my favorite writers for my upcoming HOWL anthology (that would be you). I hope you will cook up something for me. The link is on my blog. Don't forget to tell a friend or two about it. Happy New Year to you and yours and have a great 2010! ps...Cathy has posted the cover art I did for Champagne Shivers 2010 on the Sam's Dot sight. Check it out.

Greg Schwartz said...

Hey Mark -

Happy new year to you too! I'm hoping to be able to submit a story for HOWL, but busy times haven't left much room for writing. I'm still trying though!

Can't wait to read the new Champagne Shivers! I'll post a link for the Red Moon antho as soon as it's available.

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