Friday, December 4, 2009

some market news & a haiku contest

Unfortunately, two great magazines have decided to close up shop recently. The Shantytown Anomaly will be taking a hiatus after issue #8, which should be in the mail now. Shantytown is a really cool speculative poetry journal, and hopefully it will be back sometime soon.

Small haiku journal Wisteria is also going on hiatus. The magazine's last issue for now will be the January issue.

All pending submissions for both journals are being released back to their respective owners.

Mark Crittenden, writer, poet, and artist, is guest-editing Lame Goat Press's new horror anthology, Howl: Dark Tales of the Feral and Infernal. The anthology is for stories "about the struggle between man and the animal-beasts of myth and legend." Submit scary stories between 1000 and 4000 words. There is no payment for selected stories, but it sounds like a cool anthology to be a part of. Deadline is March 15th, 2010.

The Pennsylvania Poetry Society's annual poetry contest is currently running. There are 16 different categories, and #9 is the "Haiku, Senryu, Tanka Award." Entry fees are $2 per poem, and the deadline is January 15th, 2010. There are two prizes for the category -- $30 and $20. For full guidelines, see the PDF file on the PPS's website.

As a side note, I had to add word verification to the comments page, in order to stop all the spam messages (which got to be over 200, and which I'm still in the process of deleting). I know it's a pain -- sorry.


Charles Gramlich said...

Yeah, I was sorry to hear about Shantytown but perfectly understandable given J's busyness

Greg Schwartz said...

yeah, definitely. just a shame to lose another magazine, especially one of the good ones.

Deborah P Kolodji said...

I had sort of expected Shantytown, although it makes me sad. But the news about Wisteria was a surprise.

MkCrittenden said...

Thanks for the post, Greg. I hope you all will come on over and HOWL!

Greg Schwartz said...

Deborah - yeah, I thought Wisteria would be around for a while. I had just subscribed a month or two ago.

Mark - it sounds like it will be a good anthology. hope you get a lot of subs to choose from!

MkCrittenden said...

OH, I can't believe it slipped my mind to mention this. Since there are so many poets here, I will also be accepting one poem (or flash story) to introduce the anthology...something that embodies the savage animal heart. Please do take a stab at it, poets!

Greg Schwartz said...

Mark - I saw that in the guidelines, that's a cool idea. I don't envy you as an editor... I bet you'll get a lot of good submissions.

Editor said...

I was also shocked to hear about Wisteria. I'm sure they will be back in full swing soon.

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