Sunday, August 23, 2009

two calls for submissions

We have two markets today in need of your submissions. The first comes from speculative poet Joshua Gage:

Many poets sent scifaiku in for the promotional pamphlet that Deborah Kolodji distributed at HNA and WorldCon. So many, in fact, that I was forced to make some really difficult decisions and only choose a few. I went with a more scifi theme, and the final results can be seen here:

Because this project was so much fun, and because there was such interest in it, I thought I'd put together another pamphlet, this time focused on horror. Please send me your best horror themed haiku (horrorku?), published or unpublished, for this collection. If the poem has been published, please let me know where.

I look forward to reading all your great work!

Send submissions to Josh at pottygok[at]yahoo[dot]com by September 15th.

The Enchanted Conversation is a new online journal focusing on fairy tales. They want short stories, poems, artwork, and articles relating to their theme (which for the first issue will be "Sleeping Beauty") and they'll pay 4 cents/word ($10/poem) via PayPal. They'll be reading submissions until November 15th, unless they receive enough quality work before then.

Now for some unabashed bragging. One of my horror haiku just went live over at Fear and Trembling, and my short story "The Book" is part of the current issue of Sorcerous Signals (with a great illustration by Marge Simon). Bragging over.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

random stuff and eBay

If you find yourself with some free time (and really, in this age of prosperity, who doesn't have that?) hop on over to Zombie Fiction. The site will fill all your zombie needs. You can find reviews of zombie fiction, zombie-related news, and plenty of other cool stuff, like the original Night of the Living Dead movie.

I've been looking around eBay for good bargains, and there are a lot of books selling for not a lot of money. If you've been wanting to pick up a copy of Essential Haiku, edited by Robert Hass, you can snag a used copy in good condition for just $3.14 plus $3.99 shipping. (Auction ends Sept 7th.)

And if you've never read Jack Ketchum's gory but masterfully-written novel Off Season, you can find a few cheap copies of that as well. This brand new copy hasn't even been bid on yet, so it's currently at $3 (only a dollar for shipping). There's also this copy, in very good condition, which you can buy now for $4 (free shipping). Or you can get a copy of the first paperback edition (in very good condition) which is currently at $2.99 ($3 shipping). The auction for that one ends in six hours, though (August 19th) so you better hurry. I believe -- but I could be mistaken -- that the first edition version has a different ending.

For a little speculative haiku humor, check out Aurelio Rico Lopez III's poem up now at Every Day Poets. Rank it and leave a comment if you like.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

a new online journal & other news

Divergence, an online multimedia journal, is seeking submissions for its first issue. (They're still working on the website.) Thanks to Ed Markowski for forwarding me the editor's call for submissions:

"You are invited to submit to the first issue of Divergence, an electronic publication of text/image/sound/video. We are interested in receiving poetry, articles, essays, text-art, animated text, as well as hybrids and paratexts (poetics, sketches, works-in-progress, rewritings), etc. Divergence aims to be a critical and creative platform/forum for work that is variously referred to as, and encompasses, 'innovative', 'experimental', 'avant-garde', 'post-avant', etc. We encourage debate, manifestos, commentary, notes and reactions which look at the present and to the future, not the past.

Divergence will be international in scope, with an editorial board composed of significant practitioners and academics in the field, including Robert Sheppard, Geof Huth, John Hall, David Miller, Jeff Hilson, and others. It is edited by Keith Jebb and Kevin Doran out of the University of Bedfordshire, and supported by the Research Institute for Media, Art and Design.

All correspondence and submissions should be sent to divergence[AT]; we welcome proposals. The deadline for submissions is 15 September, 2009. Enquire at this address if hardcopy submissions are absolutely necessary."

The British Haiku Society is now taking submissions for its 2009 James W. Hackett/BHS International Haiku Award competition. (Click on Competitions and scroll down for guidelines.) The entry fee is £3 (or $6 US) for up to three haiku, and the deadline is November 30th.

Vicious Verses and Reanimated Rhymes, the book of zombie poetry from the same people who brought you Bits of the Dead, has just been released and I am eagerly awaiting my contributor's copy. The book is available for $12.99 from Amazon, and should be available from Barnes & Noble shortly.

DailyHaiku will be open to submissions for the month of September, so start polishing up those haiku.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

two contests and an anthology

Short and sweet today -- two contests:

- Holidays Can Be Murder! Short Story Contest: Sponsored by Deadly Ink, this is a contest for holiday-themed stories with a "deadly incident" that must be solved. Apparently selected stories will be collected in an anthology, and profits will be donated to Habitat for Humanity and the American Red Cross. Stories must be unpublished and under 5,000 words. There is no entry fees, and there will be three prizes of $100, $50, and $25. Submission deadline is August 15th.

- Cyclamens and Swords Poetry Contest: This looks to be a pretty good contest. Poems of any style or subject can be submitted, as long as they're not longer than 30 lines. There is a $5 entry fee (for $10 you can submit three poems) but they'll accept previously published poems as well as poems being submitted to other contests, and the three top prizes are $300, $100, and $50. Winners and honorable mentions will be published in a chapbook, and all winners will receive a copy.

... and an anthology:

- The Bitter End: Tales of Nautical Terror: The editors are looking for scary stories with a nautical setting -- oceans, lakes, probably even a neighborhood pond. Stories should be 500-5,000 words long and unpublished. Payment for accepted stories is 1 cent per word, plus a copy of the anthology. Deadline is October 31st. Read the full writer's guidelines here.

Dwarf Stars Award 2015

Dwarf Stars Award 2015