Friday, February 26, 2010

market news

Some markets open, while others close:

- Aberrant Dreams: They have been open to fiction subs and they have just reopened to poetry subs as well, and changed the look of their website. Pays 3 cents/word for fiction and $1/line for poetry. I can't vouch for them because they've been holding on to one of my poems since 2008, but they used to be a good market to submit to.
- Acorn: The winter submission period closes February 28th, so get those haiku in now.
- ChiZine: Will reopen to poetry subs on March 1st. Pays $10/poem.
- flashquake: The reading period for their summer issue begins March 1st. Pays $5-25 for flash fiction, flash nonfiction, poetry, and artwork.

Someone at Amazon must have gotten wind of how low Baseball Haiku was selling for, because now it's back up to $13.57. I hope everyone who wanted a copy got one.

Speaking of Amazon, David Dunwoody's zombie novel Empire is being re-released with a brand new cover. Anyone interested can preorder a copy for $10.20.


Charles Gramlich said...

I used to worry about finding markets, now I often see more markets than I can possibly write for. I guess that's a good problem to have.

Greg Schwartz said...

Absolutely! I try to keep them organized, but I always end up forgetting about a magazine until something makes me think about it weeks or months later.

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