Friday, March 12, 2010


There are several deadlines coming up for horror writers:

- Black Ink Horror closes to submissions on March 26th. Be prepared for a quick response, however; you should hear back on your submission by April 26th.

- The submission deadline for Night Terrors, a horror anthology being put together by Blood Bound Books, is March 13th. Don't fret if you missed this one; Blood Bound Books is working on two other anthologies -- Unspeakable and D.O.A. The editors want creature stories for Unspeakable, and for D.O.A. they want extreme stories -- "The crazier, stranger and gorier the better." The deadline for both anthologies is May 1st.

- The Way of the Wizard closes to subs on March 31st. John Joseph Adams is putting this anthology together, and he wants stories about a magic-user (sorceror, witch, etc.). Stories can be science fiction or horror, as long as the magic is "an important factor in the resolution of the plot." Payment is 5 cents/word, plus royalties and a copy of the anthology.

If you plan on buying any books in the next few days, here are two coupons you can use:

- 10% off one item at Barnes & Noble online (coupon code: L7N8B7U)
- 10% off at, up to $15 off the regular price (coupon code: MXUS1)

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