Monday, March 15, 2010

eBay & reprints

My wife and I are trying to make some more room in our crowded house, so we've been putting some things up for sale on eBay. This week we have a few different lots of books that someone might be interested in:

Lot of 3 John Grisham books:
- A Time to Kill
- The Broker
- A Painted House
Lot of 3 Dan Brown books:
- The Da Vinci Code
- Angels & Demons
- Deception Point
Lot of 4 Far Side books:
- The PreHistory of The Far Side: A 10th Anniversary Exhibit
- Wiener Dog Art: A Far Side Collection
- The Curse of Madame "C"
- Valley of the Far Side

All three lots have low starting prices, no reserves, and reasonable shipping costs. All of the books are in good or better condition.

And now for some reprint markets...

These magazines will buy one-time rights for your previously published horror/speculative poems:

- Illumen: pays 2¢/word for unpublished poems ($3 minimum, except scifaiku and other short forms, which get $1), 1¢/word for reprints.
- Niteblade: pays $3/poems plus a PDF copy of the issue.
- Tales of the Talisman: pays $4/poem plus a contributor's copy.
- Ghostlight: pays $4/poem (reprints not eligible for Editor's Choice).


Charles Gramlich said...

I would defintely like those Far side books but I actually already have these. That's the problem with getting books these days, I have much of the older stuff I want.

ed markowski said...

Death Valley

A Bleach Blonde Waitress Hotter


The Death Valley Sun


Full Moon

The Way Her Sunset Red Hair

Whitens Her Face


Half Moon

This View Of The Earth


No One To Share It With


Fast Dance

We Spin Into A Ball


Cotton Candy









Garden Budd HA! Still Smiling


Wedding Day

Hens Peck A Cock' s Crow

Into Silence


Just Married

I Follow The Hens Into

The Hen House


Greg Schwartz said...

Charles - the Far Side was a great comic. right up there with Calvin & Hobbes.

Ed - nice to see some more of your ku/poems! I especially like the "wedding day" one.

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