Monday, March 22, 2010

stuff to read & a paying speculative market

For your reading pleasure...

Empire author David Dunwoody was recently interviewed over at DarkMarkets, and it's quite a good interview. The re-released version of Empire is available from Amazon for $10.20.

Subscribers should be receiving the new issue of Lilliput Review (#171) any day now, along with the new broadside, 15 Poems by Ed Markowski. I haven't read the issue of Lilliput yet, but Ed's broadside is a great collection of 15 short poems. Non-subscribers can pick up a copy of either for a buck -- details on the Lilliput Broadsides page.

Basement Stories is a relatively new speculative journal that publishes fiction, poetry, and art. They'll consider previously published works as well as simultaneous submissions. Payment is 1¢/word for fiction and $10 per poem. (Rates are not set yet for artwork.)

Haiku fans should check out Temple Cone's sort-of sequel to Basho's famous autumn/crow haiku, which was posted on DailyHaiku last Friday.

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Dwarf Stars Award 2015