Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Brown Dunwoody Zombie Flash Fiction Contest

Midnight Corey is holding a flash fiction contest specifically for zombie stories, 500 words or less. Horror authors Eric S. Brown and David Dunwoody are the two judges, and the top three winners will receive copies of their books as prizes. The winning stories will also be read on the Midnight Corey podcast. The deadline for submissions is July 4th.

If you're thinking of buying new books any time soon (or know someone who is), get it on this deal quick. Borders is offering a free $10 gift card to anyone who purchases two $25 gift cards online. If you're gonna buy stuff anyway, you might as well get a little bit more for your money. The $10 gift card comes as a separate card, so you can keep it or give it away. The offer expires tomorrow (June 11th).


MidnightCorey said...

Thanks for posting about the contest! Eric S. Brown and David Dunwoody are two fantastic guys -- not to mention that they write damn good books.

Charles Gramlich said...

There's a contest down my alley.

Greg Schwartz said...

Corey - absolutely! I have a signed copy of Empire and at least one (maybe more) of Eric's chapbooks. Definitely cool prizes!

Charles - thought you'd like that one. Good luck!

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