Saturday, January 15, 2011

High-paying poetry markets

Poetry doesn't usually pay particularly well, but this is one area where speculative writers can make more than their mainstream counterparts. Here are some science fiction/fantasy/horror markets that pay top dollar for good poems.

- Basement Stories: Basement Stories pays $30 per science fiction or fantasy poem. The editors will accept both simultaneous submissions and reprints, as long as you let them know when you submit. There are no set reading periods; the magazine is open to submissions year-round.

- OG's Speculative Fiction: OG's will pay $10 per speculative poem. No simultaneous submissions or reprints. They buy first rights for a period of three months.

- Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine: ASIM pays A$10 per poem, which is pretty close to US$10. They want light speculative poems rather than dark ones, and they don't accept simultaneous submissions. Contributors will also receive a copy of the issue containing their poem.

- ChiZine: ChiZine pays $10 per poem, with a preference for speculative poems that relate to their theme of "treatments of light and shade in words." No simultaneous submissions or reprints. The magazine is currently closed to submissions; check their guidelines page for updates.


Geoffrey A. Landis said...

I hadn't heard of a OG or Basement stories... new to me. Interesting. ChiZine's cool, and the Australian 'zine Andromeda Spaceways has been interesting.

Greg Schwartz said...

OG's and Basement Stories are both good markets to submit to. Both pay well, and both respond fairly quickly to submissions.

Scott E. Green said...

I do two blogs on paying markets for poetry, and .Please feel free to visit and comment. You can also contact me personally at

deepa venkitesh said...
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deepa venkitesh said...

Hi, I write a poetry blog and for triond. could you please list online sites that pay for poems outright and not for views?

Greg Schwartz said...

Scott - thanks for stopping by! I'll take a look at those two sites.

Deepa - You might want to take a look at Scott's two sites to find paying markets. Also, here is an article that lists some websites that pay for poetry:

Ian D. Hetri said...

You can also submit your poetry to hubpages. Unfortunately, they pay for views.
But HubPages articles are well ranked by Google so its worth giving a try. Much of my online income comes from HubPages

Greg said...

Ian - never heard of HubPages before. I'll check it out.

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