Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Two haiku markets

While most haiku journals don't pay for the haiku that they publish, there are some magazines out there that are willing to purchase haiku. These two markets both pay for haiku, and pay pretty well.

- Ellipsis: Ellipsis is a literary journal that publishes all sorts of poems. Their guidelines don't specify a pay rate, but their going rate in the past has been $10 per poem (including haiku). Ellipsis opens to submissions August 1st (Monday).

- WRITERS' Journal: WJ uses poems as filler throughout the magazine, and shorter really is better. All accepted poems (even haiku) are paid for at a rate of $5 per poem, plus a contributor's copy. The response time can be long, but it's worth submitting, because unlike many magazines the poetry editor here is just as likely to buy a haiku as any other poem.


Charles Gramlich said...

Yeah, don't see many paying markets for haiku. thanks much for the heads up man.

Greg said...

no problem. WJ is a good market for haiku, i've sold a few to them and the poetry editor (i can't remember her name off the top of my head) is very easy to work with.

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