Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Free Nook books

There are many e-readers on the market, all designed to attract readers. If you have a Barnes & Noble Nook (or are thinking about buying one) there are a lot of books you can download and read for free.

Below are some free downloads for the Nook -- just a small selection of what's available. (I haven't read any of these books or stories, so I have no idea if they're any good, but they're free so they may be worth checking out.)

Free haiku books:
Haiku, by Toshiyuki Ihira
Haiku Moments, by Kristina Howells
In the Spirit of Haiku, by Kamala Moore
47 Haiku, by Tiel Aisha Ansari

Free horror books:
Horror Shorts, by Drew Brown
A Walk in the Woods: A Horror Short Story, by Rebecca M. Senese
Fearworld, by Paul Melhuish
Uneasy Reading: 4 Horror Shorts, by Jason Tucker
Writing Critique: A Horror Short Story, by Rebecca M. Senese

And to close this post out, here's a free haiku by Claudette Russell, from the nice people at tinywords.


Charles Gramlich said...

I don't have a Nook but I have the Nook app on my pc so I will go and pick up these freebies. Thanks for the heads up.

Greg said...

No problem. At least a few of them should be decent, and maybe one or two will be good.

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