Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Niteblade pre-sale

Niteblade #18, the all-poetry special issue, has been printed up and is going on sale soon. But there's a pre-sale going on right now -- if you order your copy by November 30th, you'll get free shipping and handling, so it's only $7.50 for a copy. If you think you're gonna want a copy of this special issue, order it now from Niteblade.com and save on shipping.

This issue has an awesome cover, as all issues of Niteblade do, and it comes packed with the best poetry from the previous years of the magazine, as well as brand new poems. Some of the contributors include familiar names such as Bruce Boston, G.O. Clark, Richard H. Fay, Kristine Ong Muslim, Marge Simon, and Christopher Hivner. I was also lucky enough to have two poems included. I've read through part of the issue, and it's got some really good stuff in it, including a great (and weird) poem by Lucien Spelman.


Charles Gramlich said...

I've gotta get this for sure.

Greg said...

I haven't read the whole issue yet, but the poems I've read have been good. And the design and layout is great, as it always is with Niteblade.

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