Friday, July 6, 2012

Writer's Digest annual competitions

If you're looking for speculative writing contests to enter, here are a few hosted by Writer's Digest:

- WD Science Fiction Competition
- WD Thriller Suspense Competition
- WD Crime Writing Competition
- WD Horror Writing Competition

All four contests have the same guidelines and rules.  They want short stories no more than 4000 words long, and the guidelines don't say anything about the stories having to be unpublished.  First prize for each contest includes $500 cash, $100 off your next purchase at, and promotion in Writer's Digest.  You'll also get a shot at the $2500 grand prize.  The deadline for each contest is September 14th.

All of these contests have a $20 entry fee, which is very steep for a short story contest, but if you can win at least Honorable Mention in any of the contests, you'll receive a copy of the 2013 edition of Novel & Short Story Writer's Market ($29.99 list price).


Charles Gramlich said...

I entered WDs contests for several years back when I was starting out. I got to #14 in one effort, can't remember the category off the top of my head. It's a great training ground for writers, I think.

Greg said...

14 is pretty good, I'm sure they get TONS of entries. I agree, it is a good place to start out (if you can afford the entry fee).

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