Saturday, September 22, 2012

Two speculative fiction contests

Below are two contests for speculative fiction, each with a pretty nice cash prize:

- Liternational's The Santa Claws Contest (thanks to Ask Wendy for listing it): This contest is meant for "aspiring fiction and creative non-fiction writers who have not professionally published."  There are several different categories: horror fiction (deadline: Oct. 1st), fantasy fiction (submissions accepted Oct. 15th to Dec. 1st), horror non-fiction (deadline: Oct. 1st), and holiday non-fiction (submissions accepted Oct. 15th to Dec. 1st).  The word count for all categories is 1000 to 1500 words.  Two $500 prizes and two $250 prizes will be given.

- Dark Tales Short Story Competition: Dark Tales regularly hosts fiction contests, and the current one closes Sept. 30th.  Stories should be 5000 words or less and unpublished.  The entry fee for non-subscribers i£3, but for £6 you can get a critique of your story.  Three prizes of £500, £250, and £100 will be awarded, and other entrants whose stories are chosen for publication or the short list will be paid £5.


Charles Gramlich said...

I've finally got a horror story almost finished. May have to check out the horror competition. btw, I had a haiku published in the recent Lilliput review. Was happy with that.

Greg said...

congrats on the haiku pub, Charles! Lilliput is a great magazine, a hard one to get accepted in but a great read.

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