Monday, September 17, 2012

Upcoming haiku deadlines & FanStory deadlines

Below are some upcoming deadlines for haiku magazines, thanks to Old Pond Comics.  (All of these are nonpaying markets, except for Modern Haiku which pays $1 per haiku.)

- The Heron's Nest: Sept. 15th, for the December issue
- Notes from the Gean: Nov. 1st, for the December issue (Unfortunately, Notes from the Gean has ceased publication. Thanks Julie for the update!)
- Frogpond: Nov. 15th, for the winter issue
- Modern Haiku: Nov. 15th, for the next issue

If you're a member of FanStory, there are some contests ending soon that may be of interest:

- Horror Story Writing Contest: ends 9/19/12, $100 cash prize
- Vampire Story Contest: ends 10/1/12, $100 cash prize
- Tales of the Undead Contest: ends 10/1/12, 70-90 member dollars prize
- Tanka Poetry Contest: ends 1/1/13, $100 cash prize


Charles Gramlich said...

It has been so long since I've written any haiku. I think I'm just not in an emotional place to handle the calmness of it right now.

Greg said...

that's understandable, but when you change your mind i'm sure there are a lot of people who wouldn't mind reading a sequel to Mouth of a Lover.

jublke said...

Sad to say, but there's a thread on The Haiku Foundation Forum that Notes from the Gean has ceased as a publication. You can read about it here:

Greg said...

Julie - thanks for the update, I didn't see anything about that on the Gean website.

That one will definitely be missed. NftG has published many great poems, including some good haiku in the current/last issue from Andy Burkhart and Marion Alice Poirier (especially the one about the rocking chair).

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