Wednesday, October 3, 2012

bottle rockets, The Syracuse Poster Project

bottle rockets is a short-form poetry journal that's been around for a while.  They used to be a paying market, then became non-paying, and are now a paying market again, offering "a token payment" for short poems (including haiku and tanka) submitted from within the United States and accompanied by an SASE.  Submit 5-10 unpublished poems at a time by snail mail.

Poets in or around the Syracuse area may be interested in the Syracuse Poster Project, an effort to bring more poetry to the city through the use of 11" x 17" posters.  They are seeking 5-7-5 haiku submissions, and there does not appear to be any payment.  If you want to support the project, you can either submit poems, donate money, or buy a poster.  Most of them appear to sell for $20.00 plus shipping.  There are also two booklets of haiku, selling for $3.00 and $5.95.

While we're talking about haiku, there was a good one posted on DailyHaiku from September 29th by Margaret Chula.  And Megan Arkenburg has a humorous senryu ("seventh inning") and an unexpectedly profound haiku ("bookstore awning") posted on the bottom of her "Previously Published" page, both of which deserve a read.  (Both of those poems were from Riverbed Haiku.)


Charles Gramlich said...

I remember Bottle Rockets from the past. I don't believe I ever submitted anything though.

Greg said...

bottle rockets is a cool mag. I had one or two poems in there a long time ago.

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