Friday, May 31, 2013

Missouri State Poetry Society Contest, Sorcerous Signals

The Missouri State Poetry Society's Summer Contest is currently open for entries.  There are several different categories, and previously published poems (40 lines or less) can be submitted.  The prizes for each category are $25, $15, and $10.  Two copies of each poem entered must be included, along with the $2 per poem entry fee.  The postmark deadline is August 1st.

The online fantasy journal Sorcerous Signals is now open for submissions, through June 15th.  Simultaneous submissions are accepted, as are previously published stories and poems, as long as it's been at least a year since the story or poem was published.  Payment for accepted works is $5 per story and $2 per poem or flash fiction piece, along with the possibility of more money depending on reader donations.


Charles Gramlich said...

gonna check out sorcerous signals. sounds interesting.Glad to see you're still alive, btw. :)

H&H said...

Thanks Charles! Been pretty busy lately. Sorcerous Signals is a good market from a writer's side -- easy to work with and very responsive.

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Dwarf Stars Award 2015