Saturday, June 8, 2013

IHS International Haiku Competition, new issues of magazines

The Irish Haiku Society's 2013 International Haiku Competition is open for entries.  There are three prizes to be award: Euro 150, Euro 50, and Euro 30.  Unpublished poems, 17 syllables or fewer, are eligible, and all entries must be made by snail mail and postmarked by November 30th.  There is a $4 entry fee per haiku (or $25 for 7 poems).

Speaking of the Irish Haiku Society, Shamrock's new issue is available online for reading.  It has a lot of worthwhile poems, including some really good ones by Graham High and Ignatius Fay.

The new print issue of Scifaikuest (May 2013) is also out now, and it contains some good poems by Ross Balcom, Rebecca L. Brown, Aurelio Rico Lopez III, dan smith, and many more.  There are scifaiku, horroku, and tanka, among other forms.  Milo James Fowler is the featured poet.

The June issue of The Heron's Nest is full of talent, as well.  Curtis Dunlap, George Swede, Mark Forrester, and Jessica Malone Latham all have great poems featured in this issue.

Niteblade #24: Forbidden Island, is available now too.  The title poem, by J.A. Grier, is not to be missed -- a different take on the zombie poem.


Charles Gramlich said...

I definitely want to check out Niteblade!

H&H said...

I haven't had a chance to read much of it yet, but so far it seems like a really good issue.

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