Sunday, September 8, 2013

Scifaikuest, Haiku in English

The August issue of Scifaikuest is out and it's a good one.  I'm not gonna review it fully 'cause I'd be biased since one of my scifaiku are included, but there are some great poems in here by Kurt MacPhearson, Belly
Peterson, Aurelio Rico Lopez III, and LeRoy Gorman, among others.  There's scifaiku, horrorku, tanka, haibun, and more.  Definitely something for every fan of speculative poetry.  You can purchase a copy of the issue on the Alban Lake website for just $6.00, as well as check out unique free content in the August online edition.

In mainstream haiku news, a new haiku anthology that may very well take its place in the haiku pantheon next to The Haiku Anthology, The Haiku Handbook, and other staples, has just been released -- Haiku in English, edited by Jim Kacian, Philip Rowland, and Allan Burns.  This is a massive hardcover text, weighing in at 464 pages, with tons of English-language haiku.  It can be purchased on Amazon for $17.62, and it's eligible for free shipping.  (The Kindle version is only $11.99.)


Charles Gramlich said...

Jim Kacian, I know that name.

H&H said...

He used to be the editor of Frogpond, and he's an editor/publisher at Red Moon Press. He's one of the main people who put out the Red Moon Press haiku anthology each year.

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